Repair Service

Our repair facility is equipped to service the majority of electronic equipment utilized in todays diverse manufacturing industry. Trained technicians along with the latest in test and calibration equipment ensure quality workmanship with a service guarantee on all parts and labor. Value added services include Expedited Repairs, Software Development and PCB Design.

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Edge II Hypertherm Control Panel
Edge Pro Hypertherm Control Panel
Edge Ti Hypertherm Control Panel
H2D0-0358-0111-02 Hypertherm Edge TI CNC Plasma Cutter
Mariner Hypertherm Control Panel
Micro Edge Hypertherm Control Panel
Voyager III Hypertherm Control Panel
230AWACE-890A/PCI-2SD-R20 ICP Electronics
IPAC-30001 ICS Sequencer Mod
100-1002-002 rev 3 ID Technology Model 252 Printer Applicator
00201187 Ideal
DT-5K/NI iKey Rugged Keyboard
DT-5K-FSR-IS/NI iKey Rugged Keyboard
Jaguar VXM1850 IMO
VXM30K IMO Torque Vector System
TM315D IMS Company Temperature Control Module
GSC2 mini 540806 Incoe Pneumatic Hydraulic Valve-Gate Sequence Controller
Microcom 760 Incoe Temp Controller
DDS02.1-W100-R Indramat Digital AC Servo Controller
DDS02.1-W200-D Indramat Digital AC Servo Controller
DDS02.1-W220-D Indramat Digital AC Servo Controller
MHD041B-144-PP1-UN Indramat Permanent Magnet Motor
NAM1.3-08 Indramat Line Former Drive
4QMFII5 Indur 4QMFII-5
SSTK4207 Industrial Computers Industrial Computers SSTK4207
HKY-001347 Industrial Control OCMT AVDM 2 Control Module
RS232C Industrial Devices Industrial Devices Corp. B8001
2102A14 Industrial Drives BDS3-208/12-01-200
70623 Industrial PC
71110.2 Industrial PC
134L2745 Ingersoll Rand 5HP 4.0kW Motor Drive
22110399 Ingersoll Rand User Control Terminal
22110423 Ingersoll Rand Microcontroller Processor Module
22128763 Ingersoll Rand Intellisys Controller
22173579 Ingersoll Rand Wedge Controller Display
22255533 Ingersoll Rand Ingersoll Rand Thermostar Air Dryer
23711288 Ingersoll Rand Xe-145M Series Rotary Compressor Controller
39115548 Ingersoll Rand Ingersoll Rand Shutdown Anunciator
39115548 /229289H07 Ingersoll Rand SSR 2000
39115555 / 229P290h01a Ingersoll Rand PAC-AIR SSR-2000
39115563 / 229P289H05 Ingersoll Rand SSR 2000 Modulating ACS Module
39121587 22P290H02 Ingersoll Rand SSR 2000 Power Indicator Board
39172622 rev 3.0 Ingersoll Rand Interface Board for 39538178
39176243 Ingersoll Rand Ingersoll Rand Starter Interface PCB 39176243
39176243 Red Eye Controller Ingersoll Rand Starter Interface PCB
39177027 rev 1.0 Ingersoll Rand Analog Barrier Terminal PCB
39180419 39797428 Ingersoll Rand Intellisys Control Kit SSR 50-450 HP
39180732 Interface Board Ingersoll Rand
391812175 Ingersoll Rand Starter Interface
39182175 Ingersoll Rand Starter Interface
39195649 39225644 39825815 Ingersoll Rand SSR-50-450HP Intellisys Control Kit Red Eye Controller
39225644 Ingersoll Rand Intellisys
39403282 229P289H03 Ingersoll Rand Star-Delta Timer
39403316 / 229P289H04 Ingersoll Rand SSR 2000
39405626 Ingersoll Rand Intellisys Controller SSR 2000
39405634 / 229P89H02A Ingersoll Rand SSR 2000 Automatic Control Timer
39405634 229P289H02A 235P503H08 Ingersoll Rand Automatic Control Timer
39479407 Ingersoll Rand Ingersoll Rand SSR 50-450
39479423 Ingersoll Rand Ingersoll Rand SSR 50-450
39492517 Ingersoll Rand Ingersoll Rand SSR 50-450
39537178 Ingersoll Rand
39538178 Ingersoll Rand Intellisys Controller SSR 10-40
39540653 Ingersoll Rand Intellisys Controller SSR 10-40
39540679 Ingersoll Rand SSR 10-40
39543368 Red Eye Controller Ingersoll Rand Stepper
3966698R Ingersoll Rand Intellisys Controller SSR 10-40
39679071 Ingersoll Rand SSR 10-40
39689344 Ingersoll Rand Ingersoll Rand SSR 50-450
39729272 Ingersoll Rand Automatic Control Module
39785399 PC Board Ingersoll Rand Ingersoll Rand
39786470 Ingersoll Rand SSR 10-40 HP Controller Data Plate
39786470 Ingersoll Rand Intellisys Control
39794755 Ingersoll Rand Display
39795513 Ingersoll Rand Intellisys Control
39795588 Analog Barrier Board Ingersoll Rand
39798517 Ingersoll Rand Analog Terminal
39801204 Ingersoll Rand SSR 10-40
39807250 Ingersoll Rand Intellisys Controller SSR 5-10 M4.0-7.5KW
39807332 Ingersoll Rand Starter Interface Board
39807532 Ingersoll Rand Starter Interface PCB
39810734 Ingersoll Rand Main CPU
39814595 Ingersoll Rand
39814595 Ingersoll Rand Intellisys - Thermal Mass Controller
39817655 Ingersoll Rand SSR 15-100HP Intellisys Controller
39857263 Ingersoll Rand SSR 50-450 Red Eye
39873450 Ingersoll Rand SG Power Supply Board
39875158 Ingersoll Rand SG Intellisys Controller
39900519 Ingersoll Rand Intellisys Controller SSR 50 - 100
46636279 Ingersoll Rand Doosan Controller Wedge V2
46DE1017A Ingersoll Rand Ingersoll Rand Thermal Mass Air Dryer Controller
54641196 Ingersoll Rand Intellisys Control
54642129 Ingersoll Rand Ingersoll Rand Nirvana SGN3 Controller
7870A3GO Ingersoll Rand MVP Microcontroller
85547271 Ingersoll Rand Stepper Motor
93970309 Ingersoll Rand DC Motor System
93970317 Ingersoll Rand DC Motor Controller
93970838 93963361 Ingersoll Rand Micro TAS Plus
93972701 Ingersoll Rand Motor Control DC Low Power
93972750 Ingersoll Rand DC Drive
93972768 Ingersoll Rand PC Board Motor Control
9966D47G01 Ingersoll Rand Microcontroller Operator Interface Westinghouse
AAP1401581-02979 Ingersoll Rand Control Module
CCN22156780 MD100TIR Ingersoll Rand Nirvana Drive
EHD275 Ingersoll Rand Air Dryer Controller
PEF180ND000A 18-0-00005-80-A2 PEF180NA000A 18-0-00002-80-A2 Ingersoll Rand Motor Drive and Heat Sink Assembly
PFSI-G Ingersoll Rand Ingersoll-Rand Insight Electric Torque Driver Control
SSR 50 450 HP Ingersoll Rand Intellisys Control
Starter interface board PCB 39176243 Ingersoll Rand
SRW-115-4005 Integrated Power Design +5v. +24v, +12v. -12vPower Supply
IF5-25/OVP International Power 5 VDC Power Supply
TP-2056-1006 IPC Automation D160
08.8420.1001.00 IPS Touch Screen
IPS420 STN 4M CF32 IPS PC Line
S-20D ITC Controls Hot Runner Temperture Controller
5765004FX rev L ITW Foxjet Marksman HMI
CU213000 ITW Ispracontrols Control Board
81440.3 351162/1 2420-0-P112 J. Schneider Power Supply Akkutec
ALC101-10 Rev D Jetline
ALC101-14 Jetline
KPF92/11-11-12 KPF92/111112 Jumo
KPF-92/31-31-12 Jumo
TR63985 Jumo Temp Control
01S 6BK1200-0AA0 6794 Kaeser Compressor SICOMP-IMC
5945.576.11 Kaeser Compressor Refrigerated Dryer Control Panel
6BK1200-0AA20-0AA 6BK12000AA200AA Kaeser Compressor Compressor Controller
7.3767.00150 Kaeser Compressor Compressor Controller
7.4690.20040 Kaeser Compressor Temperature Control Module
7.7000.0 Kaeser Compressor Air Compressor Controller Sigma Control
7.7000.0 7.7000.1 Kaeser Compressor Air Compressor Controller Sigma Control Replacement Overlay
7.7000.1 Kaeser Compressor Air Compressor Controller Sigma Control
7.7001.0 Kaeser Compressor Air Compressor Controller Sigma Control
7.7001.1 Kaeser Compressor Air Compressor Controller
7.7005.0 Kaeser Compressor Sigma Control
7.7021.0 Kaeser Compressor Air Compressor Controller
7.76010 6309.1001.7302 Kaeser Compressor SC2MCS Sigma Control 2
7.7601P0 6309.1001.7306 Kaeser Compressor SC2MCS Sigma Control 2
A5E00361996 6BK1200-0AB20-0AA0 Kaeser Compressor Sigma Control 7.7000.1
A5E3974934 Kaeser Compressor Compressor Control
enq82/k Kaeser Compressor Control Zander Aachen
150360 Kaliburn 150359
EL640.480-AF1 Kaliburn Plasma Cutting Control
FY-4 E315019 Kantech KT-400-PCB
KBCC-225R KB DC Motor Control
KBPB-225 KB KB Electronics
57329 KB ELECTRONICS 397072134
KBMM-225D /AB4 (230) (4319G) KB ELECTRONICS Differential Amplifier, Motor Controller
KBRG-225D KB ELECTRONICS Regenerative DC Motor Control
KBRG-240D KB ELECTRONICS Regenerative DC Motor Control
1011.5056 YLKI410404 KBA Metronic Headboard AJC
YLKI 400402 KLUI4003 KBA Metronic Pressure Pump Control Board
09F5B3A-390A KEB Drive Controller COMBIVERT
10F4F3D-4R05 KEB F4 Brinkmann
Combivert F KEB
E-065165-00 KEB Combivert
3HAC023195-001/02 Keba Robot Teach Pendant
C100RW2/65693/18 Keba Robot Teach Pendant
DC202/Engel/542433/03 Keba Robot Interface
HT511 Keba Teach Pendant
KeTop T50-xxx Keba Robot Teach Pendant
KETOP-T40-001/58599/10 Keba Robot Teach Pendant
RS090 Keba
RS091 Keba
06-129800-002 Kidde-Fenwal 06-23577-7001 Rev:AC
18200688 N Kidde-Fenwal BBC G 94V-0
18200688 Rev P Kidde-Fenwal BBC G 94-0
19210530 Kidde-Fenwal 18200679 Rev M
ESP020PMJC20 GS574-0 Kinetics Open Panel w/ SPM Drive Control Unit
90 Knorr-Bremse Hermetic
A-292357 Kohler Power Systems Control Module
KCP-DCTC-0150B Kohler Power Systems ModelK1 Automatic Transfer Switch
KEP-DMTC-0600S-NN Kohler Power Systems ModelK1 Automatic Transfer Switch
KSS-DCTC-0150S Kohler Power Systems ModelK1 Automatic Tansfer Switch
ModelK Type 3R KDT-AMTC-0100S Kohler Power Systems Automatic Transfer Switch for Emergency Situations
BDS4A-206j-0097 01504D24 Kollmorgen BDS4A-206j
CEO6250-2G308B1 Kollmorgen ServoStar Drive
CR06560 Kollmorgen Servostar CD
CR10560 PRD-B040AAIB-A2 Kollmorgen Servostar CD Drive
CRO6560 Kollmorgen ServoStar Drive CD
M.1300.6042 R1 Kollmorgen Block I/O Module
MMC-SD-2.0-230-D rev 6 Kollmorgen MMC SmartDrive
MTC304B1-R1C1 Kollmorgen Goldline XT
MTC304B1-R1C1-028 Kollmorgen Servo Motor
MTC502C1-R1A-0B Kollmorgen Goldline XT
MTC506C1-R1A1-013 Kollmorgen Goldline XT
PA2800 Kollmorgen ServoStar
PA5000 Kollmorgen
PRD-0050B00h-0a Kollmorgen ServoStar CD Amplifier LB10565
PRD-B040aa1B-C2 Kollmorgen ServoStar CD
PRD-B040AAIB-62 Kollmorgen CR06560
PSR4/5a-212 Kollmorgen Power Supply
S20360-VTS Kollmorgen S200 Series Servo Drive
S60300 Kollmorgen Seidel Servostar 603 Drive
12-245-0811-K Krauss Maffei HMI Touchscreen Control
Kristel LP 93-5220C 28HM-NM4 Kristel Kristel LP 93-5220C 28HM-NM4 Display
KUAX671 Kuhnke
00-114-265 Kuka KCP2 Teach Pendant

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