Repair Service

Our repair facility is equipped to service the majority of electronic equipment utilized in todays diverse manufacturing industry. Trained technicians along with the latest in test and calibration equipment ensure quality workmanship with a service guarantee on all parts and labor. Value added services include Expedited Repairs, Software Development and PCB Design.

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A06B-6064-H306 Fanuc Fanuc Serial Spindle (AC)
A06B-6064-H312 Fanuc Fanuc Serial Spindle (AC)
A06B-6064-H315 Fanuc Fanuc Serial Spindle (AC)
A06B-6064-H318 Fanuc Fanuc Serial Spindle (AC)
A06B-6064-H322 Fanuc Fanuc Serial Spindle (AC)
A06B-6064-H326 Fanuc Fanuc Serial Spindle (AC)
A06B-6064-H327 Fanuc Fanuc Serial Spindle (AC)
A06B-6066-H003 Fanuc Servo Amplifier
A06B-6066-H004 Fanuc Servo Amplifier
A06B-6066-H006 Fanuc Servo Amplifier
A06B-6066-H008 Fanuc Servo Amplifier
A06B-6066-H211 Fanuc Servo Amplifier
A06B-6066-H223 Fanuc Servo Amplifier
A06B-6066-H233 Fanuc Servo Amplifier
A06B-6066-H234 Fanuc Servo Amplifier
A06B-6066-H235 Fanuc Servo Amplifier
A06B-6066-H244 Fanuc Servo Amplifier
A06B-6066-H246 Fanuc Servo Amplifier
A06B-6076-H001 Fanuc
A06B-6076-H101 Fanuc Servo Amplifier
A06B-6077-H106 ser C Fanuc Power Supply Module
A06B-6077-H111 Fanuc Power Supply Module
A06B-6079-H104 Fanuc Servo Amplifier
A06B-6079-H104 Fanuc
A06B-6079-H105 Fanuc AC Servo Drive
A06B-6079-H106 Fanuc Servo Amplifier
A06B-6079-H207 Fanuc Servo Amplifier Module
A06B-6079-H208 Fanuc Servo Amplifier Module
A06B-6087-H126 A06B6087H126 Fanuc Power supply
A06B-6087-H130 Fanuc Power Supply Module
A06B-6088-H222 Fanuc Spindle Amplifrier Module
A06B-6088-H230#H500 Fanuc
A06B-6089-H104 Fanuc Servo Amplifier
A06B-6089-H105 Fanuc AC Servo Drive
A06B-6089-H106 Fanuc Servo Amplifier
A06B-6090-H006 Fanuc Servo Amplifier
A06B-6090-H008 Fanuc AC Servo Amplifier Unit
A06B-6093-H101 Fanuc Servo Amplifier
A06B-6096-H102 Fanuc Servo Amplifier
A06B-6096-H104 Fanuc Servo Amplifier
A06B-6096-H105 Fanuc Servo Amplifier
A06B-6096-H106 Fanuc Servo Amplifier
A06B-6096-H108 Fanuc Servo Amplifier Module
A06B-6096-H208 Fanuc 2 AXIS Alpha Servo Module Drive
A06B-6097-H205 Fanuc Servo Amplifier
A06B-6100-H002 6100-H 002 Po88WW Fanuc Servo Amplifier
A06B-6105-H002 Fanuc RJ3 Robot Controller
A06B-6117-H209 Fanuc Servo Amplifier
A06B-6130-H004 Fanuc Servo Amplifier
A06B-6400-H005 Fanuc Servo Amplifier
A16B-1000-0010 Fanuc Motherboard
A16B-1211-0273 A87L-0001-0105 A16B-1211-0280 Fanuc Masterboard
A16B-1211-0850-01 Fanuc Power Unit
A16B-1212-0100-01 Fanuc Power Supply Module
A16B-1212-0871 Fanuc Power Supply
A16B-1212-0901/10B Fanuc Power Supply Unit
A16B-2000-0062/03B Fanuc Fanuc Servo Amp
A16B-2203-0673/06A Fanuc Control Board
A16B-3200-0040/01A400145 Fanuc Main CPU Board
A16B32000040/05D Fanuc Main CPU Control Board
A16B-3200-0450/07G Fanuc CPU Board
A20B-2200-0650/08B A350-2200-T656/03 Fanuc SILD2 Emergency Stop Controller
A6B-6087-H130 Fanuc Power Supply Moduke
A860-0360-V501 Fanuc Pulse Coder
A860-0365-T101/E Fanuc Pulsecorder I64
Balefire Fanuc Touch Screen Monitor
C929C2174 Fanuc FANUC
Datapanel 150 Fanuc VersaMax DP
Datapanel 160 Fanuc VersaMax DP
Datapanel 240E Fanuc VersaMax DP
Datapanel 30 Fanuc VersaMax DP
Datapanel 35 Fanuc VersaMax DP
Datapanel 55 Fanuc VersaMax DP
F97-7655 Fanuc AC Spindle Servo Unit A06B-6059-H003
Fanuc A06B-6044-H007 Fanuc Fanuc Spindle Analogue AC
Fanuc Test Center SVM Fanuc Servo Amplifier Module Repair
IC396MDL645D Fanuc Input Module
IC693MDL240E Fanuc Input Module
QuickPanel Fanuc VersaMax DP
QuickPanel View Fanuc VersaMax DP
SeaBrite Fanuc
Sentinel Fanuc
Spindle Motor Repair Fanuc Servo Motor Repair
SPM Fanuc Spindle Amplifier Module Repair
VAMP-LMV10 Fanuc Monitor
VAMP-SlimVista Fanuc
SAN3-40 FEC Inc AFC1500 Servo Drive
VPP36-560 G-SND-MV-D Federal Signal Triad Magnetics Class 3 Series
3200-1602 Rev D Fenner M-Trim 2
3200-1673 rev C Fenner M-Drive 3
MPPES-3-1/4-6-420 Festo Proportional Pressure Regulator
LSUWNSR3-1 220V Fiessler Elektronik
LSUWNSR3-1 Receiver Fiessler Elektronik
106349001HM-B revB Fincor Control Board 0132
2303 Fincor Control Component
2331AP3 Fincor 2330 DC Motor Control
2450 MKII Fincor DC Motor Control
3130M Fincor DC Motor Control Drive
SIX-SCR 3120M Fincor DC Motor Control Drive
EUV1 Fireye Flame Amplifier Module
MEC120 Fireye MEP104 Programmer Module
MP100 MC120 Fireye Programmer Module
1251644 Flair Air Compressor Controller HMI
TG474R1 Flair HDIC
61410 FLUKE 45 Dual Display Multimeter 5450110
LB102 R03A Foreseeson Custom Displays Inc 13 inch Display Monitor
DS-1153 FSI Technologies, Inc. Double Ring Light Source
DS-1157 FSI Technologies, Inc. Light Source
BU37-4C BU374C Fuji
FRN37G11S-4 Fuji Electric Frenic 5000G11 Inverter
PS Controller Fuji Electric Fuji Electric
PXR5-RGG1-4V0A1 Fuji Electric PXR-5
V808CDN Fuji Electric Monitouch HMI
Leak Detector Furness Controls
401-34201-20 F Model DS120 G&L G&L Electronics
200EAP1173 Gardner Denver Auto Sentry ES Control Panel
200EAU1173 Gardner Denver Auto Sentry ES+
200EBE1173 18389 Gardner Denver Operator Interface
200EBE375 Gardner Denver Auto Sentry Operator Interface
200EJB1173 Gardner Denver Auto Sentry Controller
200EJB5601 Gardner Denver Auto Sentry Controller
201EAP1173 Gardner Denver Gardner Denver Auto Sentry ES Control Panel
201EJB1173 Gardner Denver Control Card
202EAP1173 Gardner Denver Auto-Sentry ES Controller
202EJB1173 Gardner Denver
300EBA1173 Gardner Denver Auto Sentry ES
300EBC1173 Gardner Denver RS2000 v6.xx Control Board
300EBC566 Gardner Denver Compressor Controller Keypad
300ETK1173 Gardner Denver AirSmart Controller
300EVE375 Gardner Denver Gardner Denver Air Compressor Keypad
301EAU1173 Gardner Denver Auto-Sentry ES+ Controller
301ETK1173 Gardner Denver Air Smart Controller COMM Module
302EAU1173 Gardner Denver Auto Sentry ES+
302EAU2006 Gardner Denver Auto Sentry ES +
3200EAU1173 Gardner Denver Auto-Sentry ES+
48D39321 Gardner Denver HMI Control Component
57035-401-02B Gardner Denver 202EAU1173
7416674 rev4.2 Gardner Denver Digital Dryer Controller
890214GD Gardner Denver
890214GH Gardner Denver 203EJB1173
89525229 Gardner Denver Tamrotor AirCon L1 Compressor Controller
89864799 Gardner Denver Gardner Denver
900823GD D Gardner Denver Auto Sentry ES
900828GD Gardner Denver Auto Sentry ES
900828GD B Gardner Denver Gardner Denver Auto Sentry ES
BLS1-2 Gardner Denver SERVO CONTROL
BLS1-2W Gardner Denver Gardner Denver BLS1-2W Servo Controller Drive Card
D049401 Gardner Denver Bottarini RSCK5 Controller Air Master M3
EAU1173 Gardner Denver Auto Sentry ES+
EFC89552289 Gardner Denver Tamrotor Airpilot Soft AMTRAP05
EFC99J Gardner Denver Gardner Denver AirSmart Compressor Blower Controller
Gardner-Denver M-PRO-92E-10VU Gardner Denver Process Control/Monitor
GDTR-001 4310 Gardner Denver Temperature Alarm Rev. B
S1B0TTST_ED7 Gardner Denver
VP1017673 Gardner Denver Air Smart Controller
20100035-81411-004 Garvens Automation W2000 Basis 4/4
24117049 Garvens Automation GOTZ MBB Gelma W2000Basic 4/4
6KAF323003E$A1 GE AR-300E$ Variable Frequency Motor Drive
6VAF323010B-A2 GE AF-300 Drive
IC3601A GE 28VDC Power Supply
IC693ALG390C GE Analog Output Module
IC693CPU311-CE GE CPU base with 5 PLC slots
IC754VSB06MTD-LH GE ES0600 Quickpanel View
SIE 50P-1160 6.2 L6 GE MX150 Automatic Transfer Switch Controller
A02B-0120-C042HA GE Fanuc GE Series Fanuc
A61L-0001-0095 GE Fanuc GE Series Fanuc
IC396CPU313V GE Fanuc 5 Slot Base with CPU
IC693MDL230A GE Fanuc Input Module
IC693MDL240E GE Fanuc Input Module
IC693MDL240G GE Fanuc Input Module
IC693MDL645J K412530 GE Fanuc Input Module
IC693MDL655F GE Fanuc 24v Logic Input Module
IC693MDL740E GE Fanuc Output Module
IC693MDL940C GE Fanuc Output Relay
IC693MDL940H GE Fanuc 16 Point Output Module
IC693MDL940J GE Fanuc Omron 16 Pt Output Module
IC693MDL940M GE Fanuc 16 Point Output Module
QPI2D100E2P GE Fanuc Quickpanel Total Control
QPI31200E2P GE Fanuc Quickpanel Total Control
AMS 2B GEC Alsthom Parvex Power Supply
1600-RRR000-0001 1600-RRR000-0001-000 Gefran Industrial Control Equipment Temperature Process Controller
40B-96-5-10-RR-R0-0-0-1 Gefran Digital Panel Meters, 40B96 Series
40B-96-5-10-RR-R0-3-0-1 Gefran Digital Panel Meters, 40B96 Series
GF_VEDOML-104CT-VW1-00-S1-G F052426 T37 Gefran Piovan 10" TFT Touchscreen HMI
67680 Generac Voltage Regulator
012056122 General Electric GE Zenith Controls
5PY59JY2 General Electric General Electric Motors
6KDV3017q2b10 General Electric GE DV-300 DC Drive
6KDV3017Q4F10 General Electric DV-300 DC Drive
6KDV3035q2b10 General Electric GE DV-300 DC Drive
6KDV3035Q4F10 General Electric DV-300 DC Drive

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