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Our repair facility is equipped to service the majority of electronic equipment utilized in todays diverse manufacturing industry. Trained technicians along with the latest in test and calibration equipment ensure quality workmanship with a service guarantee on all parts and labor. Value added services include Expedited Repairs, Software Development and PCB Design.

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C7061A 1012 Honeywell C7061 Flame Detector
DC200E-2-000-10000-0 Honeywell UDC 2000 Universal Digital Controller
DC230B-C0-00-10-0000000-E0-0 Honeywell Universal Digital Controller
DC2500-E0-0L00-200-10000-E0-0 Honeywell UDC Controller
DC2500-EE-0000-100-00000-E0-0 ver 2508D Honeywell UDC2500 Controller
DC2500-EE-0L0R-200-10000-00-0 Honeywell UDC2500 Controller
DC2500-EE-OAOR-200-00000-00-0 Honeywell UDC Controller
DC3200-EE-000R-240-00000-E0-0 Honeywell UDC3200 Universal Digital Controller
DC330E-EE-000-22-000000-00-0 Honeywell Temperature Controller
DCP2165GK09E00000 Honeywell Temperature Controller
DR45AT-1100-44 Honeywell Chart Recorder
FF-SB14E12K-S2 E Honeywell Securitram SB
FF-SPE47TX2 Honeywell Light Curtain Transmitter
FF-SPR47TR2 Honeywell Light Curtain Receiver
M7284C1000 Honeywell Modutrol IV Motor
M9484D1010 Honeywell Modutrol IV Motor
RA890F1247 Honeywell Protectorelay Flame Safeguard
RA890G-1260 Honeywell Protectorelay Primary Control
RM7838 B 1013 Honeywell Burner Control
RM7890 A 1015 Honeywell Primary Burner Control
RM7895 A 1014 Honeywell Primary Burner Control
V4055D 1019 Honeywell Gas Valve Actuator

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