Repair Service

Our repair facility is equipped to service the majority of electronic equipment utilized in today’s diverse manufacturing industry. Trained technicians along with the latest in test and calibration equipment ensure quality workmanship with a service guarantee on all parts and labor.

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Value added service include:

  • NIST Calibration
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Software Development
  • PCB Design

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Service Line Card

Browse through manufacturer list by utilizing the alphabetical menu below.

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G&L G&L Beijer Electronics
Gages GAI-Tronics
Gallenkamp Gardino
Gardner Denver Garvens Automation
Gateway Gaudino
GE GE Fanuc
Gebruder GEC Alsthom Parvex
Gecko Electronique Gefran
GEM Textile Gemco
Gencor General Electric
General Indicator Corp GENERAL NUMERIC
Generator GENESIS
Georges Renault Geral
Gerber GGT
Giddings & Lewis Gilbos
Gisholt GLC
Glentek Glue Machine
GME-System Goguen
Goldline GoldStar
Goodman Goring Kerr
Gossen Konstanter Gould
Goyen GR Electronics
Graco Graf-Syteco
Graham Transmissions Graseby
Grayhill Great Lakes Instruments
Greenlee GretagMacbeth
Greyline Instruments Groschopp
Grove Manlift GS Power Supply
GSI Lumonics GTCO
Guadino Guidici

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