Repair Service

Our repair facility is equipped to service the majority of electronic equipment utilized in today’s diverse manufacturing industry. Trained technicians along with the latest in test and calibration equipment ensure quality workmanship with a service guarantee on all parts and labor.

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Value added service include:

  • NIST Calibration
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Software Development
  • PCB Design

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Service Line Card

Browse through manufacturer list by utilizing the alphabetical menu below.

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A&P A/D Converter
AB IRO AB Metric
ABB ABB Teach Pendant
Abbey Electronics Ability Control
Absolute Process AC Technology Corporation
Accu Sort Accu-Coder
Accudyne Accumark
Accurate Control ACDC Electronics
ACM Acme Electric
Acopian Acrison
Acromark Acrotron
ACS Actek
Actus Acu-Rite
Adept Admet
Ads-tec Advanced Energy
Advanced Motor Controls Advantage Electronics
Advantech AEC
Agnati AGV
Airtek AIVF
ALA Board Alcorn McBride
Alexander Machinery ALIGN
Allen Bradley Guard Master Alltech
Alpha Pak Alsthom
Altec Lansing Altek
Altivar Alup
Amacoil Amada Metrecs Co
Ambitech AMCI
American Fibertek American MSI Corp
American Power Coversion American Precision Ind.
Amertron, Inc. Ametek
Amicon AMK
Amprobe Instrument ANAFAZE
Anaheim Automation Analog Devices
Analog JBox Analogic
Analytical Technology AND
Anderson Andes Elektronik
ANDO Electric Angle & Memory
Ann Arbor Technologies Anorad Corp.
Anyspeed Anysun
APDS API Control
API Instruments APM
Apparecchiature Elettroniche Indutriali Arburg
Arc Electronics Arcotec
AREG Argus
Argus Zone Card Arista
Armor ARO
Arpeco ART
Artan Inc. Artec
Artech Artex
Artikel Aschenbrenner Geratebau
ASCO Ascon
Ashley ASM
ASRS Associated Research
Astec Astrosystems
AT&T Atas
ATC Aten
Athena Controls Atkinson Dynamics
Atlas Copco AU Optronics
Audio Core Austin Co.
Auswerteeinhert-800F Auto Banding M/C
Auto Counter Auto Straping
Autocon Automated Controls
Automated Controls & Systems Automatic Control
Automatic Timing Controls Automation Direct
Autotech Controls Autotech/Viktron Group
Auto-Trol Avatar Instruments

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