Repair Service

Our repair facility is equipped to service the majority of electronic equipment utilized in todays diverse manufacturing industry. Trained technicians along with the latest in test and calibration equipment ensure quality workmanship with a service guarantee on all parts and labor. Value added services include Expedited Repairs, Software Development and PCB Design.

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924-01042-003 BEI Sensors 924-01042-003
924-01047-002 BEI Sensors 924-01047-002
924-01070-148 BEI Sensors 924-01070-148
924-01070-173 BEI Sensors 924-01070-173
924-01070-279 BEI Sensors 924-01070-279
924-01070-313 BEI Sensors 924-01070-313
924-01070-412 BEI Sensors 924-01070-412
924-01070-453 BEI Sensors 924-01070-453
924-01070-454 BEI Sensors 924-01070-454
924-01070-711 BEI Sensors 924-01070-711
924-01070-852 BEI Sensors 924-01070-852
924-01079-067 BEI Sensors 924-01079-067
924-01079-074 BEI Sensors 924-01079-074
924-01079-075 BEI Sensors 924-01079-075
924-01082-016 BEI Sensors 924-01082-016
AP100-A BEI Sensors AP100-A
AP100-C BEI Sensors AP100-C
AP100-D BEI Sensors AP100-D
DCL100/10 BEI Sensors DCL100/10
E25AB-SB-2500 BEI Sensors E25AB-SB-2500
E25BA-4H-SB BEI Sensors E25BA-4H-SB
E25BA-6R-SB BEI Sensors E25BA-6R-SB
E25BB BEI Sensors E25 Incremental Optical Encoder
E25BC BEI Sensors E25BC
E25BE BEI Sensors E25BE
E25BF BEI Sensors E25BF
E25BF BEI Sensors E25BF
E25G BEI Sensors E25G
E25G BEI Sensors E25G
H20DA BEI Sensors H20DA
H20DB BEI Sensors H20DB
H20EA BEI Sensors H20EA
H20EB BEI Sensors H20EB
H25D-SS-1800-ABZ-7406R-SM16-S BEI Sensors Encoder
H25D-SS-600-ABZC-28V/V-SM18-A BEI Sensors Encoder
H25E-F25-SB-2048-ABZC-4469-ED-SM18-S BEI Sensors Encoder
H25E-F25-SS-2048-ABZC-8830 BEI Sensors Encoder
H29E-SB-625-ABZ BEI Sensors H29E-SB-625-ABZ
H35A BEI Sensors H35A
H35B BEI Sensors H35B
H38D BEI Sensors H38D
HS25F BEI Sensors HS25F
HS35F BEI Sensors HS35F
KAS25-R-HS-0256 BEI Sensors KAS25-R-HS-0256
M25D BEI Sensors M25D
M25E BEI Sensors M25E
M25G BEI Sensors M25G
MX213-38-200C BEI Sensors MX213-38-200C
WB1008 BEI Sensors WB1008
XH25D-SS-100AB BEI Sensors XH25D-SS-100AB
XH25D-SS-1024AB BEI Sensors XH25D-SS-1024AB
XH25D-SS-1500AB BEI Sensors XH25D-SS-1500AB
924-01002-7922 BEI Technologies H25D-SS-1800-ABZ-7406R-SM16-S
07891B Beijer Electronics Exter K70
H-T100t-NeB Beijer Electronics Operator Interface
ASSY EY1059 Rev B Bell-Mark Thermal Printer Coponent
ASSY EY1059 Rev D Bell-Mark Thermal Printer Coponent
EMSG-0608 Bell-Mark ASSY EY1059 REV C
EY1260 rev B Bell-Mark Control Component
EY3500 Bell-Mark EasyPrint S32
RSi-050-SG-4B Benshaw SG Series Variable Frequency Drive
WDP3-014.0801 Berger Lahr Positec Model Drive
0701162705 Bobst Printed Circuit Board
0701213702 Bobst 733-HE Board
0701217303 Bobst Control Board
0701217601 Bobst 734-HB Board
0701218501 Bobst Printed Circuit Board
0701220901 Bobst Analog / Digital Control Card
0701226000/1916 Bobst 2-Board Assembly
0701226702 Bobst Control Board
0704125705 Bobst Control Board
0704-1342-01 Bobst 707-T Board
2490-1504-04 Bobst Operator Interface
2770 Bobst Amesa Detector
700-V Bobst Select Counter
701-1320D Bobst 701- MZ Board
701-1446D Bobst 701-SB Relay Board
701-1456B Bobst Relay Board
701-1586 Bobst 701-WI Board
701-1586-04 Bobst 701-WI Board
701-1590-02 Bobst Control Module
701-1590-04 Bobst Control Module
701-1722-02 Bobst Printed Curcuit Board
701-2036-01 Bobst Interface Board
701-SS Bobst Relay Board
701-WI/701-WJ Bobst 2-Board Assembly
701-WI/701-XD Bobst Heater Control Board
703-JI Bobst Motor Driver
704-1095-03 Bobst Power Module
704-1257-03 Bobst Control Board
704-MV/704-MY Bobst 2-Board Assembly
707-FE Bobst Processor Board
733-BK Bobst Control Module
733-DI Bobst Relay/Control Board
733-EY/733-AX Bobst Relay Assembly
733-FE Bobst Relay Board
733-LX Bobst Control Passage Board
734-LY Bobst Die Cutter Power Supply Card
737-WV Bobst Control Board
I14AA01TS Bobst 14 Inch Color Touch Screen Monitor
WPM-2109E1 Bodine Electric DC Motor Control
505711 Boge Ratiotronic
100027702 Borries Markier systems Compact Controller
0 811 404 603 0811404603 Bosch Bosch
0 811 404 690 Bosch Bosch Servo solenoid valves with on-board
0 811 404 691 Bosch Proportional Valve
0 811 404 723 0811404723 Bosch Bosch
0 811 404 723 0811404723 Bosch Bosch
104-911-835 0133514 114 Bosch 104-911-835
B830303160 Bosch B830303160
SF-A2 0013 030-10 050 Bosch Servomotor
M3 Bottarini Airmaster
76800 Brady GlobalMark 2 MultiColor
76801 Brady GlobalMark 2 Color & Cut
Global Mark Brady GlobalMark 2 Multicolor
MGL Brady GlobalMark Label & Sign Maker 3
AmD03 Bunting Magnetics Control Board
QN3.3R150 Bunting Magnetics QN3.3R150
C23B54E15B20P Cabel Electronic monitor
DER-109-U CALCO Manufacturing KL-1 Motor Controller
ESSICOPL00 Carel Control Component
RSE 60-12B Carlo Gavazzi Carlo Gavizzi
D10096-000 D10096000 Carotron Carotron Master Reference Unit
FM100-420-N1 Carotron FM100 Flux Master System Drive
TDP502-EPF-LV Carotron Trooper
TPD502-EPF-LV Carotron Carotron Tropper
D20M01T11P47SR Caterpillar GP-Handle Control
S4S-ARF2I-KFS-AC049 Cedes Safe 4 Receiver
K283004-0/BA Centralp Automatismes Centralp
k283004-0/BA Centralp Automatismes Centralp
KDDY023 Changzhou Kaidi Electrical Company Power Supply
MMAX1P-10210 Chromalox Chromalox
A-21 4357-0600 CIMCO electronics, Inc Operating Status Display Board Series 21
3-424-2273A Cincinnati Milacron Cincinnati Milacron
35312210A Cincinnati Milacron Cincinnati Milacron 35312210A
3-542-1299A Cincinnati Milacron 3-542-1299A
Rev G Circuit Board ECA-131
MPA-04341 Cleveland Machine Pacemaster DC Drive
10114 RCI Cleveland Machine Controls CMC Cleveland Machine Controls
4421 Cleveland Machine Controls CMC A5541-1
FS12160796285667 Cleveland Machine Controls CMC Aximaster 9000D
9619A CMS Advanced Single Board Computer
HLM-D100L RF D5420 Coherent Dynamic Focusing Laser Marking Machine
51-MWU05-015 Comark Corporation Chassis PCI
51-MWU08-511 Comark Corporation Comark
52-09982-1 Comark Corporation 52-09982-1
162525340 Compair Kellogg Delcos 3000 3100
C20606/220 Compair Kellogg Sure Scan
C20606/280 Compair Kellogg C20606/280
C20606/283 Compair Kellogg Gate Drive Board
CL25SS Compair Kellogg Rotary Screw Air Compressor
E210 629 Compair Kellogg CompAir Delcos 3100
K04000090/76-1300 Compair Kellogg Compair
ZS1057856 Compair Kellogg Delcos XL Touchscreen Compressor Controller
149001-51101 Competent Competent
1076570103 Conair ELC-M control
108334A TBC2219603 v1.1/01 Conair MS7 Module
11000561 Conair Tempro
61426301 TB 250 SB1 Conair TrueBlend Gravimetric Technology
FRED-MS7 108334A Conair Compact Control Unit
TB900 Conair TrueBlend Gravimetric Technology
UTB-120S Conair Loader Control
HB12-1.7-A+ Condor D.C Power Supply
DE1637-0889-001 Contraves ADB/F 460.60 M
3200-1602 F Contrex Inc M-TRIM 2 Motion Controller
1029B-V-480V-150A-R0/5V-IPOT Control Concepts, Inc. SCR Power Controller
1029-V-480V-100A-RPOT-IPOT Control Concepts, Inc. SCR Power Controller
1039-V-480V-90A-F100-0/5V Control Concepts, Inc. SCR Power Controller
2415-8102 Control Techniques Emerson F3N2C
3135894015 Control Techniques Emerson AC Drive SP1401
39C0333015 Control Techniques Emerson Motor Drive UNI1405
CDII 220 Control Techniques Emerson Commander CD
M155-14M-R M15514MR Control Techniques Emerson Mentor II
M25-14ICD Control Techniques Emerson Mentor II
M350-14ICD Control Techniques Emerson Mentor II Digital DC Drive
MGE-490-CONS-0000 Control Techniques Emerson Servo Motor
SP1406 Control Techniques Emerson UniDrive
SP2402 Control Techniques Emerson Unidrive AC Drive
SP3401 Control Techniques Emerson Unidrive
UNI1404 Control Techniques Emerson Motor Drive
UNI1404 Control Techniques Emerson AC Motor Drive UniDrive
UNI3401 Control Techniques Emerson Motor Drive
PB-24SM Crouzet Corp I/O Module Board
TS1310 Cummins Power Comman ATS Control
1205x-4402 Curtis PMC 1205x-4402
MPA-06-117 Custom Servo Motors Inc. Custom Servo Motors Inc.
92-01940-02 Cutler Hammer PanelMate Power Pro 1775T PMPP 1700
1266C77G02 / 229P173H02A Cutler-Hammer Eaton Transfer Switch Driver Module
15-575-0013 Cutler-Hammer Eaton 15-575-0013
15-575-118 Cutler-Hammer Eaton 15-575-118
15-576-6 Cutler-Hammer Eaton AF5000
1575k Cutler-Hammer Eaton PanelMate
1575thx Cutler-Hammer Eaton PanelMate
15-792-4 Cutler-Hammer Eaton Control Card PWM Drive Power Board
15-867-13 BASE DRIVE Cutler-Hammer Eaton AF5000+75HP VT
15-902-100 Cutler-Hammer Eaton 7.5HP 480VAC
15-k867-12 Cutler-Hammer Eaton 15-k867-12
1775TPMPP1700 Cutler-Hammer Eaton 1775T PanelMate

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