Repair Service

Our repair facility is equipped to service the majority of electronic equipment utilized in todays diverse manufacturing industry. Trained technicians along with the latest in test and calibration equipment ensure quality workmanship with a service guarantee on all parts and labor. Value added services include Expedited Repairs, Software Development and PCB Design.

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ACS800-104-0260-3+Q950 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-0260-5 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-0260-5+Q950 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-0260-7 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-0260-7+Q950 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-0320-3 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-0320-3+Q950 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-0320-5 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-0320-5+Q950 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-0320-7 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-0320-7+Q950 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-0390-3 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-0390-3+Q950 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-0400-5 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-0400-5+Q950 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-0400-7 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-0400-7+Q950 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-0440-7 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-0440-7+Q950 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-0460-5 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-0460-5+Q950 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-0510-3 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-0510-3+Q950 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-0580-7 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-0580-7+Q950 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-0610-5 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-0610-5+Q950 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-0770-3 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-0770-3+Q950 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-0870-7 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-0870-7+Q950 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-0910-5 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-0910-5+Q950 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-1030-3 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-1030-3+Q950 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-1160-7 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-1160-7+Q950 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-1210-5 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-1210-5+Q950 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-1540-3 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-1540-3+Q950 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-1740-7 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-1740-7+Q950 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-1820-5 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-1820-5+Q950 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-2050-3 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-2050-3+Q950 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-2320-7 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-2320-7+Q950 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-2430-5 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-104-2430-5+Q950 ABB ACS800 Motor Drive
ACS800-U1-0100-5+D150 ABB ASEA Brown Boveri
ACS850-04-225A-5+E210+J400+K454 ABB 110 kW AC Motor Drive
DCS800-S02-0140-05-0 ABB DCS800 DC Motor Drive
DSQC 236T ABB Servo Drive Axis Board
DSQC562 ABB 3HAC16014-1/07
IRC5 ABB ABB Teach Pendant
NDCU-22 ACN634-0006-5 ABB ACS 600 MultiDrive Module
NIOC-01C NAMC-11 NDCO-03 64053400B ABB NDCU-11K Drive Controller Unit
PFEA113-65 ABB Force Measurement Component
RMIO-11C Rev G ABB ABB 68789109
YB161100-LH S3 ABB ABB Teach Pendant
YB560100-EA ABB ABB Teach Pendant
12150B-676 12150B 676 AC Technology Corporation MC Series Drive
M1115SB AC Technology Corporation MC Series Drive
M14500D AC Technology Corporation MC Series Drive
M1450B- Used AC Technology Corporation MC Series Drive
MHB4600BN AC Technology Corporation 60 HP Motor Drive
Acrison MD-2-34 MD234
Actek MCNC020
Actek 4MHP1466 CNC235
2001003 Acu-Rite 2X Mill D200 DOM
1-IR Admet Materials Testing System HMI
OPM5015-001-AA Ads-tec Operator Panel
PC-5100 Advanced Energy Plasma Process Controller
B30A40AC-RR1 Advanced Motor Controls Brushless Servo Amplifier
234200 Advantage Electronics Regal Controller
239125 Advantage Electronics Sentra LE Series
239304 Advantage Electronics Sentra HE Series
Advantech PPC-154T
C43G72 revA08 ADwin-Gold II Data Acquisition System
560A274UO1 RevH AEC AEC
DAP210/AS-BDAP-210 AEG Modicon
3102 SC-055 Agnati Conv 3/3
100-3-9970 Airtek TP2577 Air Dryer Sequence Annunciator
DP5050A Rayco Airtek Cycling Demand Control
DP5050-LE-E2 DP5050 LE E2 Airtek Air Dryer Controller
LM-250 Airtek Air Dryer Controller
T-45539 Airtek Air Dryer Controller
TP2511 Airtek Air Dryer Controller
TP2525A Airtek Air Dryer Controller
AL-400S 92070957 ALIGN Power Table Feed
Allen Bradley 1785-L80E
Allen Bradley 1785-L80C15
Allen Bradley 1785-L30B/E Rev J01 1785L30B/E Rev J01
Allen Bradley 1785-L40C15
Allen Bradley 1785-L80E
Allen Bradley 1785-L60B
Allen Bradley 1785-L40L
Allen Bradley 1785-L40E/E
Allen Bradley 1785-L40B/C
Allen Bradley 1785-LTB
Allen Bradley 1785-LT4B
Allen Bradley 1768-PA3
Allen Bradley 1394C-SJT22-D
Allen Bradley 1797-IRT8
Allen Bradley 22A-D6P0N104
Allen Bradley 1785-L30B/E 1785L30B/E
Allen Bradley 1785-L40B/E
Allen Bradley 1785-L80B
Allen Bradley 1785-V40L
Allen Bradley 1785-V40B
Allen Bradley 500-HO*930
Allen Bradley 500-JO*930
Allen Bradley 500-KO*930
Allen Bradley 500-GA*930
Allen Bradley 500-HA*930
Allen Bradley 500-JA*930
Allen Bradley 500-HJ*930
Allen Bradley 500-GJ*930
Allen Bradley 500-GC*930
Allen Bradley 500-KA*930
Allen Bradley 500-HC*930
1201-HCS2 Allen Bradley Programming Terminal
1203-GD1 Allen Bradley Communications Module
1305-BA01A-ES ser B Allen Bradley AC Drive
1305-BA03A Allen Bradley Adjustable Frequency AC Drive
1305-ba06a Allen Bradley AC Drive
1305-BA09A Allen Bradley AC Drive
1333-YAB Allen Bradley Adjustable Frequency AC Drive
1336G-AQ017-AN-EN-L5 Allen Bradley Adjustable Frequency AC Drive
1387-B-A0B180-E39-A3 Allen Bradley High Performance DC Drive
1388-AV60-A Allen Bradley 1388 SERIES SERVO CONTROLLER 60AMP
1391B-AA45N Allen Bradley DC Drive
1394C-AM50-IH Allen Bradley AC Servo Controller
1395-A1N-D2-P10-X1 Allen Bradley DC Drive
1395-A61-C1-P10 Allen Bradley DC Drive
1395-A63-C1-P51-X1 Allen Bradley DC Drive
1395-A63-C1-PZ Allen Bradley DC Drive
1395-A63-D1-P51-X1 Allen Bradley DC Drive
1395-A65-C1-P12-P50-X1 Allen Bradley DC Drive
1395-a77N-E1-P50 Allen Bradley DC Drive
1395-B68-C1-P10 Allen Bradley Digital DC Drive
1395-B68-C1-P10-P50 Allen Bradley DC Drive
1395-B68-C1-P10-P51 Allen Bradley DC Drive
1395-B68-C1-P10-P51-X1 Allen Bradley DC Drive
1395-B68-C1-P10-X1 Allen Bradley DC Drive
1395-B69-C1-P10-P50 Allen Bradley DC Drive
1395-B69-C1-P51-X1 Allen Bradley DC Drive
1395-B71-D1-PZ Allen Bradley DC Drive
1395-B73N-C2-P50 Allen Bradley DC Drive
1395-B76-C3-P10-P51 Allen Bradley DC Drive
1395-B84n-En-p30-p50 Allen Bradley DC Drive
1397-B050R-PE-HA2 Allen Bradley DC Drive
150-F361NCR ser B Allen Bradley SMC-Flex Motor Drive
1606-XL Allen Bradley Power Supply
1606-XL960E-3S ser A Allen Bradley Power Supply
1606-XLP100E Allen Bradley 1606-XLP Power Supply
1609-P3000N Ser A Allen Bradley Uninterruptible Power Supply
160-BA03NPS1P1 ser C Allen Bradley 3-Phase AC Smart Speed Controller
160-BA03NSF1 Allen Bradley Smart Speed Controller
160-BA04NPS1P1 ser C Allen Bradley Speed Controller
1746-0A16 Series D Allen Bradley SLC500 Output Module
1746-0W16 Allen Bradley SLC 500 Output Module
1746-A10 Allen Bradley SLC 500 10-Slot Rack
1746-HSCE A Allen Bradley SLC500 Input Module
1746-IA16 Allen Bradley SLC 500 Input Module
1746-NIO4V ser A Allen Bradley SLC500 Analog Combination I/O Module
1746-OA16 Ser C Allen Bradley SLC500 Output Module
1746-OA8 ser B Allen Bradley SLC500 Output Module
1746-OW16 Series D Allen Bradley Compact I/O
1746-P1 Allen Bradley Power Supply
1746-P2 Allen Bradley Power Supply Rack
1746-P2 Series C Allen Bradley SLC500 Power Supply
1746-P3 Allen Bradley Rack Mount Power Supply
1746-P4 Allen Bradley Rack Mount Power Supply
1747-L524 Allen Bradley Processor Unit SLC 503 CPU
1747-L541 B 3 Allen Bradley SLC 500 Processor Unit
1747-L541 C 7 Allen Bradley SLC 500 Processor Unit
1747-OS401 B 7 Allen Bradley Controller Unit SLC 500
1747-SN Allen Bradley SLC 500 Remote I/O Scanner
1756-0W16I/A Allen Bradley Relay Output Module
1756-IF8 A J01 Allen Bradley Analog Input Module
1756-M02AE/A Allen Bradley Control Logix 2 Axis Servo Module
1756-M02AS/A Allen Bradley 2 Axis SSI / Analog Servo Module
1756-PA72/C Allen Bradley AC Power Supply
1761-L32AWA Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1000 Programmable Controller
1762-L40BWA Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1200 Controller
1763-L16BBB Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1100
1764-24BWA Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1500
1769-HSC Allen Bradley High Speed Counter Specialty I/O Module
1769-HSC A 1 Allen Bradley Compact I/O High Speed Counter
1769-IF4 ser B rev 2 Allen Bradley Compact I/O Module
1769-IQ16 A 1 Allen Bradley Compact I/O Module
1769-OF2 7M8IS8SM Allen Bradley Analog Output Module
1769-OF2 ser B rev 2 Allen Bradley Compact I/O Analog Output Module
1769-OW16 Series A Allen Bradley Compact I/O
1769-OW8 ser B rev 3 Allen Bradley Compact I/O
1771-0AD Allen Bradley I/O Module
1771-A4B Allen Bradley 16 Slot Chassis

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