Repair Service

Our repair facility is equipped to service the majority of electronic equipment utilized in todays diverse manufacturing industry. Trained technicians along with the latest in test and calibration equipment ensure quality workmanship with a service guarantee on all parts and labor. Value added services include Expedited Repairs, Software Development and PCB Design.

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GPD 503 DS5081 Yaskawa AC Drive
GPD 503 DS5112 Yaskawa AC Drive
GPD 515c-b003 Yaskawa AC Drive
GPD 515c-b011 Yaskawa Yaskawa GPD 515c-b011
GPD205 Yaskawa AC Drive
GPD205-10P7 Yaskawa VS Mini
GPD303 Yaskawa AC Drive
GPD333 Yaskawa AC Drive
GPD402 Yaskawa AC Drive
GPD403 Yaskawa AC Drive
GPD503 Yaskawa AC Drive
GPD505 AC Drive Yaskawa Yaskawa GPD505 AC Drive
GPD506 AC Drive Yaskawa Yaskawa GPD506 AC Drive
GPD515 AC Drive Yaskawa Yaskawa GPD515 AC Drive
GPD575 AC Drive Yaskawa Yaskawa GPD575 AC Drive
HPV900 AC Drive Yaskawa Yaskawa HPV900 AC Drive
JANCD-YEW01-E Rev A Yaskawa Welding Interface Board DX200
JZNC-132C-19 Yaskawa Yaskawa
JZRCR-YPP21-1 Yaskawa Motoman DX200 Teach Pendant
PMES-09AF Yaskawa Print Motor
SGDH-50DE Yaskawa Servopack
SGDV-170D01A002000 Yaskawa ServoPack 6W0918-13-10
SGDV-1R6A11A Y806AA Yaskawa Servopack
SGDV-1R6A11AY806AA Yaskawa Servopack
SGMGH-05DCA61 Yaskawa AC Servo Motor
SGMGH-09DCA61 Yaskawa AC Servo Motor
SGMGH-13DCA61 Yaskawa AC Servo Motor
SGMGH-30D2A61 Yaskawa AC Servo Motor
SGMGH-44A2A261 Yaskawa AC Servo Motor
SGMGH-44QCA61 Yaskawa Motor
SGMJV-08A3A-YU21 Yaskawa Servo Motor
SRDA-SDB71A01A-E Yaskawa ServoPack Drive
USAGED-13-TXF1 Yaskawa AC Servo Motor
USAMED-30BW20E Yaskawa Servo Motor
YA-2SCEDC24 Yonemaru Electric 22-8055 YA-2SCE
TW-700 Yudo Company Power Supply
581161 Zander Aachen Kaeser Control ENQ42K
581602 Zander Aachen ENQ82K
9505-200 Zeks Air Dryer Zeks
9505-201 Zeks Air Dryer Zeks
M91-2-RG-ZK1 Zeks Air Dryer Zeks
Key Board 245-078-42106 (A) Zellweger Uster Zellweger Uster
Tie Machine 53-00181 Zellweger Uster Zellweger Uster
UKO-PS-63A Zellweger Uster Zellweger Uster
DPS 2X20/3 Zentro-Elektrik Double Power Supply
Zeos Laptop ZEOS Zeos
Par Field Switch Board Zettler Zettler
3.967.11.0160 Zinser Zinser
3-967.00.1030 Zinser Zinser
3-967.00.2232 Zinser Zinser
720-002-132 Zinser Zinser
Control Panel Tastatur Zinser Zinser
210-12P Z-Laser Z-Laser
402-9000-015 Z-Tron Drexelbrook ZTron Drexelbook
ZDU 7096.3 Zwick Zwick
Z485 Z-World Engineering Z-World Engineering

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