Repair Service

Our repair facility is equipped to service the majority of electronic equipment utilized in todayís diverse manufacturing industry. Trained technicians along with the latest in test and calibration equipment ensure quality workmanship with a service guarantee on all parts and labor. Value added service include NIST Calibration, 24/7 Emergency Service, Software Development and PCB Design.

Call for details (828) 327-2148.          Scroll down for part number list.

MPA-35 Parker Parker Maxplus Series Servo Motors
MPA-50 Parker Parker Maxplus Series Servo Motors
MPA-75 Parker Parker Maxplus Series Servo Motors
150 Indexer Repair Parker Compumotor 150 Indexer Repair
C - Drive Parker Compumotor Servo Drive
OEM 350X-M2 Parker Compumotor Servo Microstepper / Indexer Drive
P6102 Partlow Temperature Controller
18D-2-150SW 140905 1Ph Payne Engineering Payne
M346CX PE Electric Electronic Micro Speed Controller
089200 Perten Perten
PSA-2041U Phihong Phihong
2938646 Phoenix Contact Phoenix Contact
401.444000.010 PICMG CompactPCI Board
PNOZ 30S Pilz Pilz
MD320.256 Planar Display
md512.256-37c Planar Display 512.256cu9b
MD51225639 Planar Display
MD640.200 Planar Display
MD640.350 Planar Display
MD640.400 Planar Display
ETR132II Plastic Service Group PSG Plastic Service Group
HRS40i Plastic Service Group PSG Plastic Service Group
020121 PS Polar Power Supply Board
2IO-4B Potter & Brumfield 2IO-4B
P60400 Power Curbers P60400
P60400 V1.5b Power Curbers Smart Amp
P60403 Power Curbers Forward Sensor
P60430 Power Curbers Forward Sensor
P60495 Power Curbers Power Curbers
P6562 Power Curbers Meter
P6562 Power Curbers Amplifier
P6804 Power Curbers P6804
P6995 Power Curbers P6995
83688 PowerHandling PowerHandling
MAP55-4002C PowerOne Power One
MAP80-4000 PowerOne Power Supply
MAP80-4002C PowerOne Power One
C0051.N2CH000 L-050-E Powertec 1000 Brushless
2757 Powr Ups Corp. Power Ups
600030 Powr Ups Corp. Powr Ups Corp
M22027-0019 P-Q Controls Joy Stick
PRI-850.211 Primelco 6340Baar
3280007-01 Pro-Face Digital Touch Display
AGP3600-T1-D24-FN1M Pro-Face Digital 3280024-14
GLC2300-TC41-24v Pro-Face Digital Pro Face 2980070-12
5501 PROMESS Promess
5601-A 5601A Protechna Baloonstop
6642-VLT Protection Controls Protectofier
0648 3 PP92 C Protti Logitron
0654 4 A192 S Protti Logitron
06581IA50C 80230 V1.0 Protti 06593I0505
06593I050S Protti 0659 3 I050 S
0669 2 TF94 C Protti Logitron
34723600100 Protti Logitron MC50
80219 Protti Protti
80219 V3.5 Protti Protti
80226 V2.0 Protti 80226-V2.0
Brown Case Protti Brown Case
Green Case Protti Green Case
MC50 Protti Protti
PCB 0654 4 A192 S Protti Circuit Board
PCB 80219 V3.5 Protti Circuit Board
008115-038819 PSG 829832
02-T11 Puls Dimension QT40 Power Supply
114430ASYT1584LOGIC Quincy 114430 ASY-T1584-LOGIC Rev C
140265-04C Quincy Quincy
140265-1C/Q Quincy Quincy
4321X11 Quincy Quincy
AMQUIP13 M5 Quincy Coltec Quincy Air master
140265-01c Quincy Compressor PC Board
140265-1b Quincy Compressor PC Board
140265-2 Quincy Compressor PC Board
140265-2a Quincy Compressor PC Board
140265-4b Quincy Compressor PC Board
MPA-45 Radio Shack Amplifier
100643 Ranger Automation 100643
R-ABPCB RABPCB Ranger Automation Control Board
4610600 Red Lion Controls Red Lion Encoder
G306A000 Red Lion Controls G306A
GEM1 GEM10060 Red Lion Controls Gemini 1000 GEM1
GEM2 GEM20060 GEM20160 Red Lion Controls Gemini 2000 GEM2
GEM33 GEM33060 GEM33160 Red Lion Controls Gemini 3300 GEM33
GEM41GEM41060 GEM41160 Red Lion Controls Gemini 4100 GEM41
GEM42GEM42060 GEM42160 Red Lion Controls Gemini 4200 GEM42
ZBH06002 Red Lion Controls ZBH06002
4610600 Redlion Red Lion
G308C1/A2 Redlion Red Lion
G310C2/R2/R2 Redlion Red Lion
TX700T00 Redlion Red Lion
VX500000 Redlion VX500000
VX500S00 Redlion VX500S00
VX500T00 Redlion VX500T00
VX500TS0 Redlion VX500TS0
VX550000 Redlion VX550000
VX550S00 Redlion VX550S00
ZBH06002 Redlion Encoder
HR 2000 Reliance Electric Reliance Electric Brushless AC Servo 3RA/BLA series
1SU44005 Reliance Electric SP500
3GV44007 Reliance Electric Reliance Electric
58703-61A 58703 61A Reliance Electric Reliance Electric
5PY59JY27 Reliance Electric 5PY59JY27
607980-27A Reliance Electric Reliance Electric
801429-SC 29651-SC 0-51874-2 0-52808-2 0-51831-6 0-51865-9 0-51851-5 51378-25 Reliance Electric V*S Power Module
802288-74G 80228874G Reliance Electric Reliance Electric
86466-47R Reliance Electric Reliance Electric
86466-47S Reliance Electric Reliance Electric
86466-47T Reliance Electric Reliance Electric
86466-58R Reliance Electric Reliance Electric
86466-58S Reliance Electric Reliance Electric
86466-59S Reliance Electric Reliance Electric
86466-59T Reliance Electric Reliance Electric
86466-60R Reliance Electric Reliance Electric
86466-60R Reliance Electric Reliance Electric
86466-60S Reliance Electric Reliance Electric
86466-60T Reliance Electric Reliance Electric
86466-60V Reliance Electric Reliance Electric
86466-60W Reliance Electric Reliance Electric
86466-74RB Reliance Electric Reliance Electric
86466-74RC Reliance Electric Reliance Electric
86466-74RD Reliance Electric Reliance Electric
86466-74RE Reliance Electric Reliance Electric
86466-74RF Reliance Electric Reliance Electric
DC170U Reliance Electric DC Drive
E728 Reliance Electric Servo Motor
m0400191 Reliance Electric Reliance Electric
m0400191 Reliance Electric Reliance Electric
M223030-0009 Reliance Electric Reliance REL607980-27A Probe Encoder
Resomat RM6 Resomat RM6
Resomat RM6U Resomat RM6U
Resomat RM7 Resomat RM7
Resomat RM7S Resomat RM7S
Resomat RM7U Resomat RM7U
Resomat RM7US Resomat RM7US
RM7-10 Resomat Resomat
0811404613 Rexroth 0 811 404 613
0811405159 Rexroth VT-VPRAP 1-540-10/V0/SI
HCS02.1E-W0028-A-03-NNNN Rexroth Indradrive C
MKD112D-027-GP3-AN Rexroth Motor
MSK061C-0600-NN-M1-UG1-NNNN Rexroth 3-Phase Synchronous PM-Motor
050061-0001B 050061 0001B RIMROCK RIMROCK
9700069-0001B RIMROCK Rimrock 577-11131
9700078-0001 RIMROCK Rimrock
13232 Rowan Elettronica DC Drive
160/132 Rowan Elettronica Controller
280-r/1 Rowan Elettronica AC Drive
290-R Rowan Elettronica AC Drive
290-S.B/1P Rowan Elettronica AC Drive
290SB1P Rowan Elettronica AC Drive
COD280 Rowan Elettronica PC Board
TST FU3P Rytec Rytec
4002-9 Saftronics CV10
60-BDC6-4-A650 60 BDC6 4 A650 Saftronics Saftronics
CIMR-P5U4018 Saftronics FP54018
CIMR-P5U4018 Saftronics FP54018
Saftronics DY4-15 Saftronics Saftronics
Solid State Starter Saftronics EZ Starter
EAP-420 EAP420 Samsung Samsung
EPAP-420 EPAP 420 Samsung Samsung
38242885 Sartorius Sartorius Stedim
117-655 606 Schlafhorst PC Board
117-655 914 Schlafhorst PC Board
117-655 962 Analog Schlafhorst PC Board
117-655-587 F Schlafhorst Automatik III PC Board
117-660 008 F Schlafhorst PC Board
117-670 166 Schlafhorst PC Board
161670063 Schlafhorst 6120-50_072-F/_
Z-Analog/ Riz 117-655 606 Schlafhorst PC Board
0-0236-4000 Schmidt Press Control 4000
421606-5 Schmidt PDA Board
VSE20100 SCHNECK Schneck
65WKS-M310/6-PB Seidel Seidel
1500000000154 Seigert Koberlein RAM AC BOOSTER
HDCO 10-32-00-010 Seiki HDCO 10-32-00-010
8763 Selema Smart
Smart 70 SM2 1020P/S2 Selema Selema
239304 Sentra HE Series
07S01062A SEPRO Sepro Robotique
1e05260901 SEPRO Sepro Visual
20E64201 SEPRO Sepro Robotique
20E73600 SEPRO Sepro Robotique
20E86703 SEPRO Sepro Robotique
20E94504 SEPRO Sepro Robotique
AE0000016404 SEPRO Sepro Robotique
S900-II (STANDARD STYLE) SEPRO Sepro Robotique
DuntB2488TPZZ Sharp LG150X1MW21
H055055-7 Shibaura PC Board
PCM-102 Shinko Electric Controller
1023548 Sick S30A-6011EA
PLS101-312 Pls101312 Sick Sick
1FK6084-6AZ21-9ZZ9-Z S06 1FK60846AZ219ZZ9ZS06 Siemens Siemens
1FT6086-1AE71-4EH1 1FT60861AE714EH1 Siemens Siemens
1P 6EP1436-1SH01 1P6EP14361SH01 Siemens Siemens
1P6ES5955-3LF42 Siemens Simatic S5
230RC Siemens Logo
3RT1076-6AF36 Siemens Siruis
3RW34BS01Z03 Siemens Siemens Drive Board
3RW4074-6BB34 Siemens Siemens

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