Refurbished Controls

Refurbished Electronic Controls And Mechanical Equipment For Sale - DC Drives, Encoders, Inverters, Motors, Motor Controls, PLC, Soft Start, Touch Screens, etc.

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A110-30-11 A1103011 ABB ABB
A12-30-10-84 A12301084 ABB ABB
A26-30-10-84 ABB ABB
A30-30-10-84 A301084 ABB ABB
A40-30-10-84 ABB ABB
A50-30-11-84 A50301184 ABB ABB
A63-30-11-84 A63301184 ABB ABB
A9-30-10-84 A9301084 ABB ABB
DSQC335 Powerboard ABB ABB
M14150B - Used AC Technology Corporation MC Series Drive
M1551B AC Technology Corporation MC Series Drive
230100 Controller Advantage Electronics Sentra
234200 Controller Advantage Electronics Regal
E6371CB-22MIA AEG AC Servo Controller
10-Slot Rack 1746-A10 Allen Bradley SLC 500
1201-HA2 1201HA2 Allen Bradley Allen Bradley
1202-C30 serA Allen Bradley Allen Bradley
1203-GDI Allen Bradley Allen Bradley
1336-mod-kb010 Allen Bradley Allen Bradley Dynamic Brake
150-B24NMDA-J1 150B24NMDAJ1 Allen Bradley Allen Bradley SMC Dialog Plus
1746-BTM 1746BTM Allen Bradley Allen Bradley SLC 500
1746-NT4 1746NT4 Allen Bradley Allen Bradley SLC 500
1746-P2 1746P2 Allen Bradley Allen Bradley
1746sc-ia8i Allen Bradley Allen Bradley SLC 500
1747-L514 1747L514 Allen Bradley Allen Bradley SLC 500
1747-L524 1747L524 Allen Bradley Allen Bradley
1747-SN 1747SN Allen Bradley Allen Bradley
1771-OAD 1771OAD 1771-0AD 17710AD Allen Bradley Allen Bradley
1771-OBN Allen Bradley Allen Bradley
1771-P4S Allen Bradley Allen Bradley
22A-D4P0N104 22AD4P0N104 Allen Bradley Allen Bradley Power Flex 4
22C-D060A103 22CD060A103 Allen Bradley Allen Bradley Power Flex 400
500-G0930 500G0930 Allen Bradley Allen Bradley
700-CF220 Allen Bradley Allen Bradley
77131-015-51 Allen Bradley Allen Bradley
77153-146-52 Allen Bradley Allen Bradley
Panelview 550 Allen Bradley Allen Bradley
R4K0320YD Allen Bradley Allen Bradley
REV A01 Allen Bradley Allen Bradley
T4J0960YD Allen Bradley Allen Bradley
AD293B Analog Devices Isolation Amplifier
BK 300C APC Back UPS
0444/440441 Axor
DC0005A-02 Baldor DC0005A-02
MAQ8 Barber Colman MAQ Limitrol
35314667A Cincinnati Milacron PCB
5015-58 Cole-Parmer Laboratory Oven Control
11861 ST-711/732 Datel Sinetrak Microcomputer Board
ST728C2124 Datel Sinetrak Control Board
MX195A6 Eagle Signal Controls Micro 490 +
NetUPS SE PRC2000a Eaton Powerware UPS
ECMA1/FA101/TC1 Eurotherm Temp Control
IC693MDL940C GE Fanuc Output Relay
IC693MLD940H GE Fanuc Output Module
AF-300B General Electric GE Drive
PiC900 502-04149-00R0 5020414900R0 Giddings & Lewis Motion Control
s7800 A 1001 2 Honeywell Burner Control
Encoder Hubner Hubner
C6C34FC10G Leeson Leeson CAT110416.00
CVK 182THTS8051BTL Leeson Leeson Motor CVK 182THTS8051BTL
7550887/110 LNS Motor
783-S Lorenz Steuerungen Computer CNC
Marposs 8126047244 E9 Marposs Marposs 8126047244 E9
PE 3237/03 Mitra Mitra Power Systems Power Supply
YPX-10E MITSUBISHI Mitsubishi Heat Exchanger
MS4316B Omron STI Light Curtain Reciever
MS4316B Omron STI Light Curtain Transmitter
MS4324B 42672-0480 Omron STI Light Curtain
MS4348bx 42687-480 Omron STI Light Curtain
HN24-3.6A PowerOne Power One
SPL53-400 PowerOne Board
APLTC Red Lion Controls Apollo Thermocouple Indicator
P14J2403M-0Y Reliance Electric Reliance Electric P14J2403M-0Y
117-650 130 Schlafhorst PC Board
117-650 217 F Schlafhorst PC Board
117-650 256 G Schlafhorst PC Board
117-650 272 Schlafhorst PC Board
117-650 410 FC Schlafhorst PC Board
117-650-144 FA Schlafhorst PC Board
117-655 141 F Schlafhorst PC Board
SEW Eurodrive 870056077.95.93.001 DET71D6-KS SEW Eurodrive SEW- Eurodrive DET71D6-KS
LJ512U Sharp Sharp Display LJ512U
600-2121 Sick AGSS
600-221 Sick AGSE
FGSE-900-11 Sick 14-FGS
1FT5061-0AF01-Z Siemens Siemens Permanent Magnet Motor
6ES5-095-8M03 Siemens Simatic
6ES5928-36B12 Siemens Simatic
6ES5955-3LC41 Siemens Power Supply Module
6SE7010-1TA31 Siemens Siemens
WS400/20 Siemens Siemens
B200P16-DOP-1 DC24V Output Toshiba Toshiba Provisor Output Module
407-A5.330.020 Trutzschler TRUTZSCHLER
BAE1 9494-75.331.000 AB Trutzschler TRUTZSCHLER
BSB1 949-74.230.00 AA Trutzschler TRUTZSCHLER
EWG3typa 490-32.330.000 Trutzschler TRUTZSCHLER
GMB1A 9494-58.00 AB Trutzschler TRUTZSCHLER
NT1 Type A 490-44.330.000 Trutzschler TRUTZSCHLER
SWG2B 9490-87.334.000 Trutzschler TRUTZSCHLER
SWG2Typb 490-88.330.001 Trutzschler TRUTZSCHLER
SWG2typb 490-88.330.001 Trutzschler TRUTZSCHLER
SWG3a 490.87.333.00 Trutzschler TRUTZSCHLER
SWG3A 9490-87-335.000 Trutzschler Type A Relay
SWG3Typa 490-87.333.000 Trutzschler TRUTZSCHLER
TTE1 492-67.230.001 Trutzschler TRUTZSCHLER
10377 TSD Display Products Inc
6430-C(A) Versatrol Inc Versatrol Inc
KXSB150-ALZ Vexta Vexta
EEA-PAM-571-A-14 ASSY 2104693 Vickers Elge Vickers EEA-PAM-571-A-14
CIMR-E7U23P7 Yaskawa Yaskawa/Magnetek Inverter F7
CIMR-E7U4011 Yaskawa Yaskawa/Magnetek Inverter E7
CIMR-F7U2015 Yaskawa Yaskawa/Magnetek Varispeed F7
CIMR-F7U25P5 Yaskawa Yaskawa/Magnetek Adjustable Frequency Drive
CIMR-F7U4011 Yaskawa Yaskawa/Magnetek AC Inverter E7 Series
CIMR-F7U40P4 Yaskawa Yaskawa/Magnetek Inverter F7
CIMR-F7U41P5 Yaskawa Yaskawa/Magnetek AC Inverter
CIMR-F7U41P5 Yaskawa Yaskawa/Magnetek Adjustable Frequency Drive
CIMR-F7U42P2 Yaskawa Yaskawa/Magnetek AC Inverter
CIMR-F7U45P5 Yaskawa Yaskawa/Magnetek Inverter F7
CIMR-G7U45P5 Yaskawa Yaskawa/Magnetek Inverter G7
CIMR-V7AM43P7 Yaskawa GPD 315/V7

*Results sorted by Manufacturer name and part number.